My name is RJ Grijalva, I work alot.

I've been tattooing professionally for the better part of a decade, and tinkering with machines since the beginning. In 2009 I started hand building tattoo machines from scratch. My machines have been constantly improved upon for years and I stand by my work. Every machine is guaranteed for life.

I will list Available machines that were built between orders, but I'm most interested in building one-off custom machines for hard working tattooers. They can be set up to run however and push whatever you want. The list of possible customizations is endless, so please get creative.

Professionals Only.

If you have any questions about the Machine Guarantee, Tattoo Appointments, Pricing, or Aftercare check out the Info section of the site. Please feel free to ask any questions, and thank you very much for checking my stuff out. Click Here to make an Appointment.

Black Anvil Tattoo Shop
3439 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116